A wedding photography

fotograf nunta IasiWhy do I choose to be a wedding photographer? Because I love photography and I love people, and what better day to be around people if not the perfect day of their life where they are encountered by friends and relatives, where love is all around, where everything is just about them two?
I work hard and with a lot of passion to give the best of me in order to make my part to brides and groom`s best day ever!
I have developed my skills with hard work over years and I know how to smile and make the people days much brighter when I am around them and this is about this business, not only to deliver great wedding images but also to contribute to the wedding experince and give a WOW experience for the superstars of that day.
In wedding imagery the most important subject is the bride, and the groom is just one of the accesories – do not blame me guys, but this is the naked truth – most of you guys don`t like so much to be in front of the camera and that is ok and I realize you do all that for your bride happines. I know because I was there also, and the bride is the one that give her soul for the wedding album.
Speaking about the wedding album, I learned a lot from my top photoghaphers mentors all over the world, like Yervant and so on and I learned that delivering only a digital copy of your wedding imagery is not enough for you to experience the great work I do for you, but when you feel your luxury wedding album in hands and see all those great photographs in your hands you will have the moment of WOW – this is AMAZING!
And that is what I want to deliver to you – the WOW experience that makes you feel that your wedding day was the most beautifull day of your life and in a tinny part I, as your wedding photographer, helped to be achieved.
Look at this great wedding experience on youtube:

A tool that will save your life in woods – the best survival knife

If you really want to go outdoor, camping or whatever you want to do in the woods or wild you will need one of the best survival knife with you in order to raise your chance of survival. There is a lot of technology these days in the modern world, but an knife you must have at you and if you want to learn more about you can check this survival guide that has great community.

Example of knives reviews online

On youtube you will see a lot of reviews on these theme, I will embed only one in this article:

That was a cool review of a something like that, isn`t it? I know it is because as a survivor man I really enjoy and the brand, Kershaw is one very known in our circle. I think those knives are better than all that marketing Gerber Bear Grylls – but a lot are buying that one instead of a beautifull and very usefull Fallkniven knives – anyway it is a matter of price also. But I am asking you, how much your life is worth?

You can be sure wikipedia has an indepth article about survival knives and I recommend it to you, find it here.
survival knife

Do you know that beside this mass produced knives there are a lot of little manufactures on entire world that make really work of art on every single piece they produce. I love this one: http://survivalknifeguide.net/gerber-lmf-ii-infantry-knife-review/ You can find in US and not only, but if you are not confident or you want to invest in local market you surely will find a wizzard of steel that will make you an work of art only for you, of course there is a price indeed, because there is a lot of work in creating something like that and to make sure that a knife will be life saving in wilderness or even in an urban survival situation – be carefull at the legislation in your state.